What is Music Fest Life Member?

  • Annual VIP Membership program that allows you to contribute to the development and growth of the annual Spring Texas Music Fest benefiting our Vehicles for Vets Program
  • The mission of Life Membership is to enable out of area and local supporters to supplement various overhead costs associated with the development, advertising, production and execution of the Spring Texas Music Fest. This will insure the festival’s overall success and maximize the contribution made by the Spring Texas Music Fest to the Vehicles for Vets Program.
  • Your membership in this program along with growing attendance at the Spring Texas Music Fest, will be instrumental in supporting our veterans and their families as they learn to cope with the effects that combat or other traumatic events have had on their minds and bodies.

Membership has it’s privileges!

  • By joining our Life Membership you will receive the following as a token of our gratitude and appreciation for your continued support:
  1. 2) Music Fest T-Shirts (S,M,L,2XL,3XL)
  2. 2) Spring Music Fest Koozies
  3. 2) VIP tickets to the 2017 Spring Music Fest 
  4. 2) Custom Life Member badges w/ landyard
  5. 1) Custom Spring Music Fest Tumbler Cup

There are no refunds

If you wish to pay for your membership in full you can do so by sending the annual fee of $300 to:

Spring Music Fest Inc

20235 Rhodes Rd

Spring, TX 77388

To receive the 2018 Life Member Package, you must be paid in full by Oct 1st, 2018

Pay at once ($300.00)

$25.00 for 12 months


To receive your Life Membership items for 2017, the total amount of $300.00 is due by Oct 1st, 2017.